Music has been at the core of who I am ever since I can remember. I have played in beautiful venues such as the Jazz Showcase in Chicago, or on the back of a historic tour boat in Lake Geneva WI. I've worked with music masters such as Wynton Marsalis, and Denis DeBlasio. I've created numerous albums and made life long friendships with many other passionate musicians, people who I could not imagine my life without. 

The videos above are a sample of some of the many musical opportunities I've been fortunate to take a part in, be it behind the kit or behind the camera. With music at my core, I am always striving to find new projects that I can bring something special to.

I find great satisfaction in seeing something through to completion. To me, there is something very special about being able to hold music in your hands. I have found my way into taking part in a couple albums over the years, either as a drummer, producer, or both.