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Eric Schirtzinger

I am a visual storyteller, musician, and computer engineer. I have been creating my whole life; when I was 10 I read program manuals for Macromedia Flash and did 3D modeling in Blender. I have a fascination for all things creative. I enjoy the learning process and the satisfaction of seeing the quality of my work grow over time. With every project I take on, I do my best work not only for my client's sake, but also for myself. My passion for excellence and growth drives me to deliver the best work possible. I hope you enjoy exploring the site!  



An unshakable passion for filmmaking has taken me places I never would have imagined. This hobby that started in the 4th grade has grown into something so much more. In my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I started a video production company with my now business partner, Jacob Holiday. We created this company, Bascom Brothers, in order to create high quality commercial content for brands across the United States. 



Music has been at the core of who I am ever since I can remember. I have played in beautiful venues such as the Jazz Showcase in Chicago, or on the back of a historic tour boat in Lake Geneva WI. I've worked with music masters such as Wynton Marsalis, and Denis DeBlasio. I've created numerous albums and made life long friendships with many other passionate musicians, people who I could not imagine my life without. 

Drum Set

Studied Jazz traditionally for two years at UW Madison under the direction of Johannes Wallmann and Keith Lienert. Strong roots in classic rock and pop drumming.   



Mixed/mastered two full length albums as well as numerous standalone tracks. Experience in tracking live bands and acoustic instruments.  



Live in-studio video capture, as well as professional music video production. Musical experience aids in ensuring the upmost quality and musical integrity.   



Programming is what enables almost all we do in our day to day lives. Developing applications to improve how we interact with our devices, as well as how we create with our devices, is at the core of what excites me about computer science.  


Threads [ beta ]

Threads is an application that gives users a fun way of drawing in 3D. Wield a magic thread into infinite shapes and patterns. This oddly satisfying drawing toy will keep you mesmerized for ages.


App DEvelopment

Professional web applications and mobile games. Watch the promo for a "Madlibs" emulator for Android.   


Lo-FI Monkey Ball

A game written in C that uses accelerameter data to roll a ball around obsticals in order to reach the finish!



If you are interested in hiring me or if you just want to create something, please reach out! 

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